Start your own Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? The premise is appealing: you get to do something you’re passionate about and become your own boss. Now that you have the funds to turn that dream into a reality, another challenge is waiting for you: the piles of documents that need to be sorted before … Read more

Exploring Blockchain Technology for Healthcare Application

MIW is exploring Blockchain technology in developing new software solutions that will cater to the healthcare industry. Blockchain is a technology that creates immutable and distributable data records that are shared peer to peer between network database systems. It records all the digital events that prevent change or recognition until it reaches the recipient, thus … Read more

Why you need a web maintenance service

These days, you can find just about anything on the Internet. Which is why more and more companies are starting up their own websites in order to put their brands right in front of their customers. But more often than not, these same companies live by the motto: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, … Read more

CVI Bookkeeping Services is now part of MIW Corporation

MIW Corporation has recently acquired CVI Bookkeeping Services, and it is now part of the company. CVI Bookkeeping Services and MIW Corporation have worked together for many years providing clients with the services they need. CVI Bookkeeping Services caters to small business owners and provides them with the assistance they need with regards to tax … Read more

We are now MIW Corporation

MiW Solutions rebrands as MIW Corporation Earlier this month, M Ignacio Web Solutions (MiW Solutions) was renamed MIW Corporation and has added new services onto their growing list of technological solutions. MIW Solutions was established in 2003. It started out as a small startup that offered web design and hosting services. Thanks to Mr. Mark … Read more