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MIW is exploring Blockchain technology in developing new software solutions that will cater to the healthcare industry.

Blockchain is a technology that creates immutable and distributable data records that are shared peer to peer between network database systems.

It records all the digital events that prevent change or recognition until it reaches the recipient, thus creating a more secure way of handling data.

Blockchains can also be used to store Patient Health Information (PHI) and electronic health records. As well as medical insurance claims can also be stored through the system.

In turn, it can help users verify the data sent from the clinic or hospital, as well as perform unchangeable medical audits, as well as see results of tests without the need to go back to the clinic to retrieve it.

Finally, devices like smartwatches to sync with it, and allow patients to store data recorded by the devices in a secure database.

Clinics and hospitals can then access this recorded data through a secure channel without fear of it getting into the wrong hands.

MIW will soon launch their new products and make it available to clients in the near future. Stay tuned for updates or get in touch with MiW today.

To learn more about how blockchain can benefit your healthcare business Contact US.

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