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Now that we are officially Google Partners, MIW can now help your business get set up with Google Cloud’s G Suite.

With MIW Managed G Suite, we can also help you manage you G Suite applications. As part of our service, we offer:

  • Manage user and email accounts
  • Setup and deploy G Suite
  • Help in using G Suite Applications
  • Security audit

These are just some of the things MIW can help you with regards to your G Suite account. To give you a better idea, here is a quick overview of G Suite:

What is G Suite

G Suite used to be Google Apps. It’s a collection of applications Google offers for businesses. When you have a G Suite account, you will have access to your Gmail on your preferred domain along with 30GB f Google Drive storage per user.

What’s more, G Suite gives you access to some of your favourite applications. These include Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and Hangouts.

These apps can help your team work together better, all while making sure that the data shared between your team remains confidential.

Finally, G Suite makes it easier for teams. You can access it through your mobile or tablets sporting iOS or Android operating systems. It’s also supported for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

G Suite Benefits

To help you learn more about G Suite and the role it plays on your team, here are some of its many benefits:

Efficient team collaboration

Teams can work together on a particular document at the same time and they can see it updated as they put in the data. G Suite automatically saves any changes made into the cloud in real time.

You can also check to see who was the last one to handle the document making it easier for everyone to work together.

For more than one members working on a project, there is a special group chat feature in the document that allows teams to give their opinions on the project and how they can make it work better. They can also use this group chat feature to point out any mistakes they see.

Data security

All documents, files, and other data are stored in a cloud storage platform. You and your team can access these files at any time using any device.

What sets G Suite apart from regular office servers is that they utilise Google Data Centres. Google Data Centres are spread throughout the world, making sure that when one server crashes, that you will still have your data safe and sound.

Additionally, because the data is in the cloud, there is no need to download the content. They can use one of G Suite’s apps to make changes to the document without the need to download and re-upload content.

Better communication

Communication is important when it comes to team efforts. G Suite allows you to customise your Web Mail Service. With this, your company or business will appear more professional to your clients.

You can also use Google Hangouts for better team communication. Hangouts have video chat features. Perfect for conference calls. It also functions as an instant messenger, allowing your team to talk in real time.


Aside from communication, everyone on the team must know when a meeting is scheduled, and when deadlines are due.

Google Calendar allows you to write down important events on dates. This calendar is available to every team member for viewing. Once you’ve updated the calendar, you can then send it through webmail so that every team member is updated of any changes.

It keeps everyone informed of important dates to remember, and anyone can provide updates to it on their own.

G Suite is for you!

When your business has G Suite, it not only streamlines your team’s effectivity but also gives you that professional edge.

If you need help in setting up and managing your G Suite account, then get in touch with us today. Click here.

MIW Google Cloud Partner Profile: Click here.

More about our Managed G Suite Service: Click here.

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