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As some companies shirk away from high-risk jumps towards investments during a pandemic state, MIW maintains that one thing it’s great at over the years: by doing things differently.

The Google-certified management consulting IT company recently gained Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) partner status as its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), making 2020 “the most challenging yet very rewarding year so far,” says CEO Mark Ignacio.

This tip-of-the-iceberg win underscores MIW’s numerous partner collaborations across the realm of digital transformation, including its most recent team-up with Freshworks.

One of of MIW’s CSP key services is Microsoft 365 which enables people and businesses to connect, collaborate, work remotely and learn online with innovative productivity tools. The CPS ecosystem also covers Azure and Dynamics 365 for CRM and ERP applications.

“The synergy with Microsoft and our integration of cloud technologies.” added Mark, “will further reinforce best practices and business models that would definitely boost growth, impact revenue, and enhance MIW’s advocacy for digital transformation.”

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