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Is it a given fact that everyone around the globe had a hard time this year, 2020, due to the pandemic that we are still experiencing. Yet, some of us were able to throw a virtual gathering, just for us to still feel the spirit of Yuletide. Christmas parties and reunions are now via a Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, or a Facebook Room.

Some companies were able to successfully throw a Christmas party with games and a raffle in it! Thanked heavens for technology. Some are really creative, to the point that even if it is a virtual gathering, they didn’t forget to impose a theme/dress code.

Here in the Philippines, at MIW, specifically, we didn’t get a chance to throw a virtual e-numan or Christmas Party due to our workload, but, the company didn’t forget to send their love to us, their staff (photo grabbed from some of our staff who posted it online, including yours truly):

This year has been a roller coaster ride for us, and we are grateful for our work despite the pandemic, that is why we are touched by the appreciation of the company towards our work during the pandemic, this year, 2020. We had to deal with a whole bunch of #newnormal stuff, making the impossible possible for us to thrive this pandemic. Thankfully, we did it! So yes, somehow, MIW is celebrating Christmas amid not being together physically.

Indeed, Christmas is still in our hearts amid the pandemic.

And, for those who are still struggling to find meaning and happiness this Christmas season, look around you, check your health, your loved ones, and, if you can still read this, you have a valid reason why you should celebrate Christmas this year.


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