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We are thrilled to announce that MIW has officially partnered with Akamai (formerly Linode), a leading provider in the cloud hosting industry. This engagement marks an exciting milestone in our journey to provide our clients with exceptional service and technical solutions.

Linode, a company renowned for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and customer-focused cloud hosting services, is an ideal partner for us. Their commitment to delivering a straightforward and affordable cloud computing infrastructure aligns perfectly with MIW’s mission to help clients and partners succeed in a transformative digital world.

Through this partnership, we will have access to Akamai’s comprehensive portfolio of high-quality cloud services. These range from computing resources and high-speed network connectivity to cloud storage. Akamai’s robust Connected Cloud integrating with the Linode platform allows us to offer our customers a wider range of capabilities, meeting various business requirements efficiently and effectively.

Beyond offering a resilient suite of services, Akamai is known for its commitment to transparency and open communication with its customers as exhibited by its improved API security and app-building and content management delivery in a single platform. Their customer service aligns with our own high standards for client advocacy, making this partnership a seamless fit for MIW’s company culture.

We are excited about the opportunities this presents for MIW and our clients. Our collaboration with Akamai will undoubtedly improve our ability to support our clients’ needs from startups to established enterprises by providing them with reliable, efficient, and scalable cloud solutions.

We look forward to the immense possibilities this Akamai brings to the table and to the innovation we can drive together. Side by side, we are more equipped to continue our commitment to delivering business excellence and digital innovation in the modern world.

Thank you for your continued trust in MIW. As always, we remain dedicated to providing you with globally-competitive service as we take on this new chapter in our story.

Stay tuned for more updates and details on how our partnership with Akamai can benefit your business. Our team is more than happy to discuss roadmap strategies and other solutions tailor-fit for your business.

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