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Hello, Everyone:

It’s been some time since I last felt this overwhelming, but despite the personal and professional challenges around us, I can still see a heart in the middle of it all; and that’s more than one could really hope for these days.

Our world is facing an unprecedented and seemingly unstoppable chain of events, and this prompts me to share a few thoughts with everyone.

I feel an overwhelming pride for MIW’s extraordinary culture of commitment, professionalism and teamwork 一 this dynamic workforce formula has always pushed us forward to overcome difficulties both in- and outside our homes while maintaining solid brand standards. What the Core Team has done to keep deliverables intact has been heroic and inspiring to say the least, even as they roll with the punches from Covid-19’s personal impacts. And I cannot thank you all enough.

As we are learning more on how this crisis will bring irreversible changes in the ways that we think and work, everyone’s impeccable adaptability puts the company toe-to-toe with the unexpected while continuously striving towards more progressive digital transformation strategies and technical flexibility for all that is new, and relaying these best practices out to partners, clients and colleagues to hopefully provide them a much-needed momentum. For more than two awesome decades, you’ve always been your own boss, even in the wake of a new world.

Amidst all the insurmountable socio-economic confusion and the heavy fact that our workforce is 70% recovering from medical isolation and personal loss, MIW will continue to maximize its collaborative output to deliver client expectations as optimal as we can. Our Core Teams would like to request your extended patience and consideration. While every industry struggles to maintain its commitment across all business spectrum, let’s all be reminded that our frontline personnel is still out there fighting the good fight carrying out critical tasks to manage this crisis, and it is our primary duty to support them the best we can and uphold the respect they have earned 24/7.

My final thanks go to every family affected by the cycle of anxiety and depression; it is in times of crises that heroes are made, and though we all need to stay the course and trudge these new waters together, we’ll always be with what matters most at the end of the journey: Family.

In closing, I believe that we are ultimately posited with two primary considerations: that the effects of this pandemic also brings us new challenges to persevere through technology and opportunities to keep human resilience alive.

On behalf of MIW, I send you all my warmest sympathies and wish everyone a speedy recovery. Whether you’re in the business world or not, you’re already setting an extraordinary example of commitment, professionalism, and teamwork. You are the only guarantee that together, we will emerge from this crisis stronger.

And who knows, maybe this time it’s okay to be overwhelmed together.

Warmest regards,

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Mark Ian Ignacio


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