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Julie Polmonari / Google Workspace Sales Specialist

Best-in-class customer service requires agility, and this has become increasingly critical for retailers managing rising consumer expectations. In a study conducted by McKinsey, the adoption of agile practices by retailers “brought a laser-focus on positive customer experiences during and after points of sale.” At its core, successful implementation of an agile system requires removing common barriers to allowing customers and employees to connect, and empowering frontline workers to make decisions that positively improve the customer experience.  

To successfully implement an agile framework and best serve the evolving needs of retail customers, it’s critical to use tools and technology that are easy to adopt, familiar for workers to minimize training, and are flexible enough to work with existing processes and systems. 

Supercharge employee and team collaboration

Google Workspace includes Gmail, Google Meet video conferencing, and Chat to help all employees connect and collaborate. Global cosmetics retailer and manufacturer Lush, migrated to Google Workspace to empower staff, promote virtual collaborations, and streamline tasks. Google Workspace connects thousands of staff across Lush’s 49 countries, enabling employees to join meetings and events remotely, access company data, and collaborate  with tools that don’t require any special devices.

Drive operational excellence and better serve customers

Google Cloud’s no-code platform AppSheet allows organizations to easily create apps to automate tasks and digitize manual processes. Carmila and Carrefour Properties operate retail centers across Europe and were in search of a way to report location-specific incidents quickly to better serve their customers. After discovering AppSheet and Google Workspace’s API integrations with their own ERP system, a single member of the team built an app in two days to replace a manual process that allowed their on-the-ground experts to report incidents quickly, capture relevant data securely, and better support their customers.  

Positive customer experiences start with your employees, and providing the right technology for their needs can make all the difference. Discover how other retail organizations have used Google Workspace to create exceptional customer experiences.

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