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MIW Teams Up With Microsoft

As some companies shirk away from high-risk jumps towards investments during a pandemic state, MIW maintains that one thing it’s great at over the years: by doing things differently. The Google-certified management consulting IT company recently gained Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) partner status as its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), making 2020 “the most challenging … Read more

Appointment Scheduling via Google Calendar

Appointment schedule via Google Calendar

Happen to have an unorganized schedule for your business meetings or events? Google Calendar is applicable to your busy schedules. You can create event, reminders, out of office or appointment schedules using Google Calendar. You can access this via browser, phone or tablet and you like it when things are on track. Furthermore you can … Read more

Manage family time while we manage your business

managed services

Manage family time while we manage your business Running your own business is a serious job. In order to get it off the ground, you sacrifice a lot of your time. After a while, you realize that life passes you by. Your kids are growing up and they need you at this stage of their life. … Read more

MIW Invites you to BRICKCON.PH2019

MIW invites you to BRICKCON.PH2019 on March 16, 2019, Fisher Mall Expo Hall in Quezon City for the biggest gathering of Lego fans in the Metro. Organized by Brick Traders Club. For all ages, kids at heart, creative Lego builders and collectors. To know more about the event click here. Have fun and catch us … Read more

We offer Customized Cloud Application

MIW Corporation is offering Customized Cloud Application. With this technology, your business is more efficient and allows you to do more from wherever you decide your work. What is Cloud Application? A Cloud Application is any software or application that functions in the cloud. They are a blend of standard web and desktop applications. You … Read more

Cloud-based Hotel Management System

Why Cloud-based management? Hotels deal with a lot of guests on a daily basis. Managing the day to day activities of your business can become overwhelming. What you need is acloud-based hotel management system that can help keep track of bookings and manage data efficiently. With a cloud-based hotel management system, you don’t have to worry about … Read more

MIW partners with Google Cloud

Now that we are officially Google Partners, MIW can now help your business get set up with Google Cloud’s G Suite. With MIW Managed G Suite, we can also help you manage you G Suite applications. As part of our service, we offer: Manage user and email accounts Setup and deploy G Suite Help in … Read more

Start your own Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? The premise is appealing: you get to do something you’re passionate about and become your own boss. Now that you have the funds to turn that dream into a reality, another challenge is waiting for you: the piles of documents that need to be sorted before … Read more

Exploring Blockchain Technology for Healthcare Application

MIW is exploring Blockchain technology in developing new software solutions that will cater to the healthcare industry. Blockchain is a technology that creates immutable and distributable data records that are shared peer to peer between network database systems. It records all the digital events that prevent change or recognition until it reaches the recipient, thus … Read more